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Navistar update

September 6, 2017

Unifor held a victory celebration BBQ for members on Saturday, August 26, 2017. Cathy Baker-Wiebenga has played an incredible roll and below you will find her statement she read at the celebration:

Read Cathy's speech

Local 35/127 Navistar Dispute Highlights: What did we achieve?

August 23, 2017

Unifor working closely with Local 35 and 127 have finalized a significant victory for Navistar workers and their families. We achieved improvements as a result of the closure on July 2011.  This corporation fought the union at every turn. Despite the lengthy time frame, your union remained absolutely committed to ensure workers receive their rights, both within the severance and pension issues.  We appreciated the support of the membership as we went through some very challenging and difficult roadblocks.

Below you will find an overview of this difficult fight. The significant improvements attained are directly due to the unwavering commitment of the top leadership of the union including: President Jerry Dias, National Secretary Treasurer Robert Orr and the National Executive Board. In addition, people who were directly involved in the arbitration and pension matters included: Cathy Wiebenga and Doug Wright, Local 127, Joe Lucier, Local 35.  These individuals deserve an enormous amount of credit for their long standing commitment to the former workers of Navistar.  There are others who played a critical role such as the former National President Ken Lewenza, Lewis Gottheil, Legal Counsel, Jeff Wareham, Pensions and Benefits, Jim Mitchell, National Staff Representative and Bob Chernecki, former Assistant to the President.

Because of the efforts of everyone involved we put millions of dollars into workers pockets, which they rightfully deserved. Fighting back makes a difference!

Unifor Local 35/127 Navistar Dispute Highlights

What did we achieve?



Pensions Option Form Mailings

The Union is still dealing with a number of issues that concern the packages that Navistar workers received from Morneau Shepell - we are in the midst of correcting these issues.

Navistar and Morneau Shepell have notified us that there are approximately 140+ members who have not mailed in their information to Morneau Shepell.  We are encouraging these members that if you have not mailed in your required paperwork as of yet, please do so as soon as possible. If you require assistance in filling out the pension paper or the marital status document, please contact the Local Union who will provide the necessary assistance. Our union is waiting on a list of the 140+ members from the company so as to assist our members in this issue.

There have been significant questions surrounding the marital status document, and again, we have raised this concern with the corporation and are confident that the confusion will be cleared up.  This is a very important issue and a top priority with the Union.

There are of course other issues that we are working on, including the issue of severance payments to eligible Navistar workers. We are frustrated with the corporation and are demanding that this be resolved immediately – there’s no legitimate reason for the delay.  We repeat there are other issues, example: the Grievance filed for TPT’s, and we continue to wait for the list of TPT’s and their eligibility for severance.

In closing, we very much appreciate the membership’s patience and want to ensure our members that we are maximizing the pressure on the company to finalize these matters.  We will continue to report through this website and the Local 127 website.



Company Denies Severance – TPT Group

Please find below documents related to this issue.  We intend to fight the company’s decision and are referring the matter to Arbitration.

Union Grievance

Company Response

Referral to Arbitration 



Navistar Gift Fund february 15 2017

To see all Navistar Correspondence from 2013 to now click here

Letter to J Wareham Navistar 11/25/2016 from FSCO

In Memory of Ron Warnock

5.00 Draw Winners February 24 2017

Donations from $5.00 Draw


Goodfellows and Salvation Army

2017 Education
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at Unifor Local 127

Labour Day 2016

All Presidents Meeting on May 24 2016 in Windsor put on by The OFL and The CLC.

Unifor Local 127 supporting the Ontario Health Coalition/ Chatham Kent Health Coalition at Queens Park on Tuesday May 31, 2016 delivering Referendum Vote Ballots to the Ontario Government. Over 94,000 ballots were delivered telling the Government to Stop cuts to Healthcare.

Unifor Local 127 supporting the Chatham Kent EMS/Paramedics at their Rally on Monday June 13, 2016. Pictures by Andree Martin.

Chatham Kent Labour Council Day Of Mourning Ceremony 2016
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chathamdailynews    labour council hosts ceremony at memorial












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