Unifor Local 127
405 Riverview Dr. Suite 305, Chatham. Ont. 519-354-3450




55 Irwin Street N.
Box 2006
Chatham Ont

  Chairperson: Rob Piggott

Union Office: 519-351-2424 Ext: 249

Email: caw@dajcor.com
  Chairperson: Rob Piggott 
Steward (Fab): Charles Silverman
Steward (Fab): J. Paul Ward           
Steward (Fab): Bob Wright 
Steward (CNC): Greg Durnin 
Steward (Trades): Jeff Rawlings
Steward (Anodize): Tonya Wright
Steward (Anodize): Judy Dittmer
Alt. Steward (Anodize): Vacant
Alt. Steward (Fab): Vacant
Alt. Steward (Fab): Vacant
Alt. Steward (CNC): Vacant
Alt. Steward (Trades): Vacant   
Health & Safety Rep: Tonya Wright
Health & Safety Rep:  Ken Claes 
Health & Safety Rep: John Edmondson
Harassment Investigator: Dawn Leclair
ByLaws Committee: Tonya Wright  
ByLaws Committee: Rose Swallowell
Election Committee:  Bev Reaume
Election Committee:  Steve Ladouceur
 Vice Chairperson: Don Carr
Steward (Extrusion): Gary Kennedy
Steward (Extrusion): Don Carr

Steward (Extrusion): Jacob Kobylka
Steward (CNC): Ed Engels
Steward (QA/LT/Shipping/Warehouse): Chris Ritchie
Steward (Anodize): Josh Reaume
Alt. Steward (Anodize): Vacant
Alt. Steward (Anodize): Vacant

Alt. Steward (Extrusion): Vacant
Alt. Steward (Extrusion): Vacant
Alt. Steward (CNC): Vacant
Alt. Steward (QA/LT/Shipping/Warehouse): Vacant
Health & Safety Rep: Kathy Thibeault
Health & Safety Rep: Verne Meredith
Women’s Advocate: Jo-Anne Fleury
arassment Investigator: Stephen Woods
Education Selection Committee: Bev Reaume
Education Selection Committee: Brooke Primeau
Election Committee: Rose Swallowell




Dajcor Aluminum Ltd. - Ontario Aluminum Extruder, Fabricator, and Anodizer

Dajcor Aluminum Ltd. is the leading Canadian supplier of extruded, fabricated/machined and anodized aluminum components and assemblies to various markets: automotive, renewable energy, medical equipment, transportation, building trades, military, recreation, and consumer-product industries.

Dajcor is an aluminum extrusion company with complete value added in-house capabilities your ‘One-Stop’ extrusion supplier!

See how Dajcor Aluminum solved an ontario manufacturer’s problem with bloated inventories and aluminum extrusion quality issues.

Located within a world class production facility, our skilled staff utilizes a variety of extrusion processes and customized tooling, to shape the diverse range of profiles our customer’s demand