Unifor Local 127
405 Riverview Dr. Suite 305, Chatham. Ont. 519-354-3450





201 Park Ave E,
Chatham, ON   N7M 3V7

  Chairperson: Earl Woudwyk

Union Office: 519-354-1100 Ext:219

Email: Earl.Woudwyk@msscna.com
  Chairperson:   Earl Woudwyk
Committeeperson:   Kevin Therrien
Committeeperson:    Matt Woodrow
Committeeperson:    Jeff McFadden
Alt. Committeeperson: Brett Okrucky 
Alt. Committeeperson: Chris Lozon
Alt. Committeeperson: Aaron Sayers
Skilled Trades Committeeperson:   Ted Holmes
Skilled Trades Committeeperson:   Roger Laprise
Skilled Trades Committeeperson:   Ted Holmes
Alt. Skilled Trades Committeeperson: Kevin Chickowski
Alt. Skilled Trades Committeeperson: Tom Doran
Alt. Skilled Trades Committeeperson: Kevin Carey
Ergonomics Representatives:
  Rob Deeley
Ergonomics Representatives:
  Jeannie Couture
Ergonomics Representatives:   Jean Gregory

  Vice Chairperson:     Mike Johnson
Committeeperson:    Don McKenzie
Committeeperson:    Duane Weaver
Committeeperson:    Mike Johnson
Alt. Committeeperson: Sandy Mathew
Alt. Committeeperson: Don Legary
Alt. Committeeperson: Vacant
H&S Rep:
  Wally Kaniecki
H&S Rep:
  Rob Brown
H&S Rep:
  Barry Walker
Alt. H&S Rep: Will Warwick
Alt. H&S Rep: Dave Comanic
Alt. H&S Rep: Mike Broadbent
Time Study Rep:
  Reid Nicholson
Alt. Time Study Rep: Matt Woodrow
Women's Advocate:   Kathy Szymanski
  Bargaining Committee Chairperson:   Earl Woudwyk

Bargaining Committee Member:   Mike Johnson
 Bargaining Committee Member:   Kevin Therrien
  Bargaining Committee Member:   Don McKenzie
Bargaining Committee Member:   Roger Laprise




Renamed as Meritor Suspension Systems Co. in 1997, this QS-9000 and ISO-14002 certified facility is the largest independent supplier of automotive stabilizers bars and torsion bars in North America. The plant employs a workforce of approximately 270 producing more than 4 million stabalizer bars and 2 million torsion bars every year for Chrysler, GM, Honda, Mercedes and Mazda.

In 1901 Dowsley Spring and Axle Co. erected the original factory to make springs and axles. By 1909 Dowsley Spring combined with Gananoque based Ontario Steel Products which, after numerous plant expansions, became part of Rockwell in 1963. After several name changes with Rockwell and a joint venture with Mitsubishi Steel Manufacturing in 1986 the company became known as Rockwell International Suspension Systems Co. before its most recent name change.